Hi, I'm Bruno.

I've helped over two million people be more intentional about their time. I'm passionate about slowing down and building simple things that respect people's privacy.

Currently I'm focused on Sunsama and Padloc.

I build stuff; sometimes teams.

I've built hundreds of apps for businesses big and small, together with tiny and big teams, since 2003, and I've been working exclusively remotely since 2008.

People say I'm prolific and proficient, I think that's because I appreciate slowing down.

In the past, I was Zapier's first Developer Platform Engineer and helped Clevertech grow its revenue 10x by focusing on culture, tools, processes, and hiring, as their CTO.

In 2012, mindfulness improved my life, which got me into always trying to simplify, and in 2016 I started being intentional about privacy.

Thanks for being here!