Hi, I'm Bruno.

I've helped over four million people be more intentional about their time and attention. I'm passionate about finding simple and efficient solutions that respect people's attention and protect their privacy.

In 2012, mindfulness improved my life, which got me into always trying to simplify, and in 2016 I started being intentional about privacy.

I've written some books and frequently make some art.

Currently I'm building software and culture at Sunsama, and some other apps.

I solve problems.

I've built hundreds of apps and systems for businesses big and small, together with tiny and big (300+) teams, since 2003, and I've been working exclusively remotely since 2008. I've also managed and nurtured teams from 2 to 100+ remote engineers, with many different kinds of stakeholders. As a Founding Engineer and first Engineer a few times, I've achieved great success and "transformational impact", according to a previous business owner.

I did all of this while promoting an async-first, empathetic, and calm culture.

From R&D to design, to database and systems architecture, DevOps, backend, frontend, TypeScript, JavaScript, Node.js, Deno, Python, Rust, Ruby, Go, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, React, Vue, Lit, React Native, Rails, Electron, Tauri, cryptography, I've worked with too many things to list, and simply use them as tools to solve the most important problems a product or business has.

I have favorites.

Right now, my preferred stack is pure Web Standards, using Deno+TypeScript without any front-end frameworks or bundling, and the minimum amount of third-party dependencies. For the Database, it's PostgreSQL.

Engineer. Manager. Product. Truly "full-stack".

As a general problem-solver, I've worn all kinds of hats, from Engineer, to Product, to Operations, to Manager, to (frequently) CTO or Head of Engineering. I focus on learning about and solving the most important problems a product or business has, in the most efficient way.

My coworkers often mention I'm prolific and proficient, and an outstanding communicator. I think that's because I avoid sync work and can simplify complex tasks into daily iterations, efficiently and effectively.

Been where, done what?

In the past, I was Zapier's first Developer Platform Engineer and helped Sunsama grow its revenue more than 10x, past profitability, while building the best remote company culture I've ever worked on, on many levels, as their Head of Engineering.

Before that, as Clevertech's CTO, I helped grow its revenue 10x by focusing on culture, tools, processes, and hiring.

Open Source. Available.

I try to make sure I'm leaving the world better than I found it; give more than I receive. In technology, that means most things I build are open source or have their source available. You can easily find them on my GitHub.

For the services and apps I offer (generally paid for, but accessible), I'm happy to give you access for free if you need them and can't afford them. Just reach out.

Thanks for being here!